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Congratulations to Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne

    "In 2023 we were awarded our ninth Baby Friendly Health Initiative (BFHI) accreditation. The Women’s was first accredited in 1995, the first public hospital in Australia to be so, and we have now achieved 28 years of continuous accreditation. We were also a pilot site for the introduction of BFHI in Australia, so we celebrate a long and [...]

Congratulations to Launceston General Hospital for it’s sixth successful assessment since 2006

    Clinical Nurse Consultant Beth, is one of three International Board Certified Lactation Consultants at Launceston Maternity Hospital. "It's important that women know that there is help if they face difficulties with breastfeeding. We have staff with the experience to help them. Even though it can be difficult, what they do now to keep that breastfeeding journey going will [...]

Congratulations to Rockhampton Hospital for their first BFHI Accreditation

      BFHI accreditation at Rockhampton Hospital has been a dream and goal of mine for a number of years. I recognised the impact BFHI accreditation has on a hospital’s reputation, so wanted to put Rockhampton Hospital on the map in alignment with other major QLD Hospitals. I recognised the universal challenges of ongoing staffing issues and high acuity [...]

13 BFHI Assessments in 2023

      BFHI would like to warmly congratulate the following facilities on their accreditation: King Edward Memorial Hospital Osborne Park Hospital Townsville Hospital Broken Hill Hospital Royal Hospital for Women NSW Launceston General Hospital South-East Sydney Local Health District Child and Family Health Service NSW Rockhampton Hospital Child and Family Health Services SA Royal Women's Hospital Melbourne VIC Bundaberg [...]

BFHI Training Course for Maternity Staff

BFHI states that all health workers who care for women and children during the postnatal period and beyond have a key role to play in establishing and sustaining breastfeeding. Many health workers cannot fulfil this role effectively because they have not been trained to do so. Little time is assigned to communication and support skills for breastfeeding and [...]

The BFHI for Small, Sick and Preterm Newborns

The 2018 revision of the Ten Steps  states that the care of small, sick and/or preterm newborn infants cannot be separated from that of full-term infants, as they both occur in the same facilities, often attended by the same personnel. As such, the care for these newborn infants in neonatal intensive care units or in regular maternity or [...]

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