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The BFHI for Small, Sick and Preterm Newborns

The 2018 revision of the Ten Steps  states that the care of small, sick and/or preterm newborn infants cannot be separated from that of full-term infants, as they both occur in the same facilities, often attended by the same personnel. As such, the care for these newborn infants in neonatal intensive care units or in regular maternity or [...]

BFHI Covid-19 Announcement for Assessments

29 June 2020 BFHI Australia appreciate that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the ability of facilities to continue providing their routine standards of care. This document is intended to support facility BFHI coordinators and senior staff to plan any work related to Baby Friendly accreditation during the Covid-19 outbreak. Once the current situation eases, [...]

Breastfeeding and COVID-19: For Health Care Workers

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have released a Clinical Management Interim Guidance and complimentary FAQ for health care workers. To download the documents, please click on the links below: Back Clinical Management Interim Guidance download FAQ for Health Care Workers download

COVID-19: Advice for Feeding Mothers

On this page you can find information relating to: Protecting yourself from COVID-19 Breastfeeding your baby during the COVID-19 pandemic Formula feeding your baby during the COVID-19 pandemic Where to go for further information   Protecting yourself from COVID-19? Practising good hand and cough hygiene and avoiding people who have recently been overseas, if you can, are the [...]

Congratulations to Warwick Hospital!

Congratulations to Warwick Hospital, QLD for sucsessfully achieveing their forth BFHI accreditation at the start of 2020. The BFHI Assessment Team who visited the facility, especially mentioned the facilities BFHI coordinator Ross Newton and "commended him on his commitment and passion for BFHI. Warwick Hospital can be justifiably proud of their team and the way they provide an [...]

BFHI: Separating Fact from Fiction

Despite the increase in BFHI accreditation, misinformation is still rife amongst mothers and even some health professionals surrounding the program, what it stands for and what it actually involves. The following article was written to address some common misconceptions about BFHI and what it stands for. It was published on An increasing number of maternity facilities and [...]

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