“To become BFHI accredited had long been on the wish-list of the maternity staff at the Atherton Hospital. About 2 years ago, we decided to go for it. The community was very supportive: we received donations from one of the local CWA groups, the maternity consumer group, the local Member for Parliament, and the Friends of the Hospital Foundation Atherton. I have the impression that us going through this process has brought us closer together, within the maternity ward but also in the hospital as a whole. The news of being successful in our accreditation has been a boost to the morale. And this is not the end, this is just the beginning. We are now looking ahead, working on the recommendations, to ingrain all 10 Steps even further into our systems!”
BFHI coordinator Atherton Hospital QLD
Congratulations to Atherton Hospital QLD who passed their first BFHI accreditation in February 2024. If you are considering BFHI accreditation for your site, please complete the expression of interest form on the Facilities page.