Clinical Nurse Consultant Beth, is one of three International Board Certified Lactation Consultants at Launceston Maternity Hospital. “It’s important that women know that there is help if they face difficulties with breastfeeding. We have staff with the experience to help them. Even though it can be difficult, what they do now to keep that breastfeeding journey going will have a long-term impact on their health and their baby’s health”

The hospital has a Baby Care Room for staff and visitors to use if they need to feed or express.

Did you know that all Tasmanian maternity hospitals are accredited with the Baby Friendly Health Initiative?

  • BFHI accreditation gives families confidence that the service follows best practices and meets the global standard for care set by WHO and UNICEF regarding infant feeding.
  • It acknowledges that staff receive ongoing and evidence-based education and that all policies and protocols are up to date.
  • It means the whole hospital is supportive of breastfeeding and provides antenatal classes and on-on-one conversations when needed.
  • It encourages babies to have skin-to-skin contact with their mother straight after birth and a least until after the first feed. This is important for parents regardless of feeding choice.
  • BFHI also means that mums and bubs stay together while in hospital, getting to know each other and feed whenever the baby wants, and have ongoing support to establish feeding and receive help once they go home.
  • Australian recommendations for optimal nutrition are for infants to receive only breastmilk for around six months, with the introduction of solids at around six months, and to continue breastfeeding until 12 months of age and beyond.