BFHI accreditation at Rockhampton Hospital has been a dream and goal of mine for a number of years. I recognised the impact BFHI accreditation has on a hospital’s reputation, so wanted to put Rockhampton Hospital on the map in alignment with other major QLD Hospitals.

I recognised the universal challenges of ongoing staffing issues and high acuity while also understanding the importance of working to create a positive staff culture. Throughout the last six months before accreditation, I had a great deal of support through meetings with the program coordinator and Teams meetings with other BFHI coordinators around Australia. I also discovered some great resources now available for BFHI.

I’m most proud of how the process of accreditation encouraged me to be innovative, including the development of on-line education.

I’ve experienced personal growth and confidence in using Information Technology which was challenging initially.

I’m proud of myself, and very proud of my Maternity Team for what we’ve achieved together.

I would encourage any facility thinking about accreditation to plan well, including lots of education to support any practice changes.



BFHI Coordinator

Rockhampton Hospital