Use your phone and our easy-to-use platform to record a short (30 seconds or less) video sharing what helped you get breastfeeding off to a great start, and what didn’t help.
Record a video to answer one or all of the questions provided:
• At the facility where you gave birth, what helped (or did not help) with breastfeeding?
• How did your maternity leave help (or not help) with breastfeeding?
• How did formula advertising or free samples affect your breastfeeding?
We are encouraging those with the power to make changes for families to do a better job of measuring the things that matter — the supports and services that help families feed their babies in a way that meets their goals. Your story deserves to be counted! Our video will be shared during a webinar to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week in August 2024.
Record your video using the language you are most comfortable speaking.
The Global Breastfeeding Collective is a partnership of prominent international agencies calling on donors, policymakers, philanthropists and civil society to increase investment in breastfeeding worldwide.
Use the QR code below to record your video.

Questions? Contact Jeanette McCulloch at